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Clients & Tie Ups

ADAB Sports Consulting PVT. LTD have tied up with "The Agency" a Company Based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

"The Agency" is a very well reputed Sports Consultancy & Events Management Company in Thailand.

They have been successfully holding these US College Camps for the last 5 years with a great success rate with having serviced over 3000 Athletes in the last 5 years.

"The Agency" with the help of ADAB Sports Consulting brings the US College Camp 2017 / India right to the doorsteps of Indian Athletes.

"The Agency" besides doing this College camps has also hosted very big events such as ATP Tennis Events, They Represent one of the Leading Football Teams in Thailand and the recent Exhibition match played in Bangkok between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic was managed and done by "The Agency". University & Special Guests Participation (Archives):-

Todd Brown, Assoc. Athletic Director for Academic Affairs/Compliance, Southern Utah University Derek, Assoc. Athletic Director for Academic Affairs/Compliance, Virginia Tech University